The City of Toronto will play host to the prestigious RBC Canadian Open at St. George’s Golf & Country Club from June 6 to June 12, 2022. Nearby Islington Golf Club will once again play host to the official practice facility for the RBC Canadian Open.

The RBC Canadian Open is one of Canada’s premier sport and entertainment events delivering world-class PGA TOUR golf and experiences for spectators of all ages including a two-night concert series. The tournament will attract over 125,000 spectators over seven days and a world-wide television audience reach of over one billion households. The unqualified success of the 2010 event at St George’s Golf & Country Club (in partnership with Islington Golf Club) was key to Golf Canada’s decision to bring the event back to Etobicoke for a sixth time.

As the event approaches, we want to ensure that residents are aware and consulted on the effects on the community surrounding the golf course with regards to potential road closures, parking restrictions, TTC service and municipal services within the event boundaries and surrounding area.

Golf Canada and the St George’s Golf & Country Club as well as Islington Golf Club are working closely with the City of Toronto and its agencies to ensure the availability of safe and effective transportation alternatives and the continuation of municipal services during the event to mitigate disruption to residents and businesses in the community. To learn more about the event and provide input, we invite you to attend one of the two virtual public information and consultation meetings for residents and businesses:

Virtual Public Consultation Meeting #1


Virtual Public Consultation Meeting #2



For questions and further information, please email or call 1-800-571-6736.

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