The City of Toronto will play host to the prestigious RBC Canadian Open at St. George’s Golf & Country Club from June 6 to June 12, 2022. Nearby Islington Golf Club will once again play host to the official practice facility for the RBC Canadian Open.

The RBC Canadian Open is one of Canada’s premier sport and entertainment events delivering world-class PGA TOUR golf and experiences for spectators of all ages including a two-night concert series. The tournament will attract over 125,000 spectators over seven days and a world-wide television audience reach of over one billion households. The unqualified success of the 2010 event at St George’s Golf & Country Club (in partnership with Islington Golf Club) was key to Golf Canada’s decision to bring the event back to Etobicoke for a sixth time.

Due to the configuration of St. George’s, with the clubhouse and parking facilities located on the west side of Islington Avenue and the golf course located on the east side, the tournament will require the closure of Islington Avenue. This closure is proposed between Eglinton Avenue West in the north and The Kingsway in the south, for the following three weeks:

The closed section of Islington Avenue will serve as an area for the tournament, with Golf Canada, the tournament television partner(s), and others setting up operations and attractions.


The Islington Avenue closure is divided into a “hard closure” on the north end and a “soft closure” on the south end.

The hard closure will be a 24/7 closure along Islington Avenue between Eglinton Avenue West and the north side of Prince George Drive / Ridgevalley Crescent from May 30 – June 17.

The soft closure will only be active during tournament hours (6:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.) along Islington Avenue between Prince George Drive / Ridgevalley Crescent and The Kingsway from June 6 to June 12. When this closure is active, the road will only be accessible by tournament vehicles, pedestrians, and residents with a hang tag.


A hang tag program will be implemented in order to maintain residential access to all properties within the closure during the three weeks.

Residents of four areas will be required to obtain hang tags for their vehicles:

As of this time, a minimum of four hang tags will be distributed to all affected residences. Any residents requesting additional hang tags will be required to show proof of additional licensed drivers in the home, not additional vehicles.

Residents who receive a hang tag must display it on the vehicle during tournament week. Paid duty officers stationed on The Kingsway, Eglinton Avenue West, Princess Margaret Boulevard / Poplar Heights Drive, and Prince George Drive / Ridgevalley Crescent will be instructed to use their discretion in allowing non-tagged vehicles past checkpoints, e.g., if a motorist fails to display a hang tag but produces a driver’s license with a Ridgevalley Crescent address, the paid duty officer would be more likely to allow entry than if the motorist were to say they were visiting someone on Ridgevalley Crescent.


The TTC has indicated that the 37 and 937 Islington will divert around the road closure along the routes shown in map below during the week of the tournament. The route will divert off of Islington Avenue using the following roadways:


The following sidewalks will also be closed, as a part of the tournament road closure:


In order to manage traffic in the surrounding neighbourhoods, a Blue Zone will be established on local streets surrounding St. George’s, Richview Collegiate Institute, Islington G&CC, and other area parking lots being used for the event. As part of this proposed Blue Zone, the City of Toronto will enact a temporary “no parking” bylaw for streets within the proposed Blue Zone. In addition, certain streets will have “no stopping” and “no standing” bylaws enacted.

These bylaws are to be in effect for tournament week only and will apply to all vehicles, both local and non-local. All violators risk ticketing and/or towing enforced by Toronto Police Services Parking Enforcement. Golf Canada will inform all attendees through its normal communications channels that absolutely no parking is permitted in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Enforcement of the Blue Zone will primarily be on a complaint-based response from Toronto Parking Enforcement. Officers will be assigned to patrol the area throughout each day as well. To place a complaint, or if enforcement is required, please call the Toronto Police non-emergency number at (416) 808-2222 or visit the link here.

The “no stopping” or “no standing” bylaw will be implemented along the following roadways:

No standing on both sides (outlined by the blue line on the map below):

In addition to these “no stopping” and “no standing” bylaws, the following areas are proposed to have a “no parking” bylaw be enacted (shaded in blue on the map):

The extents of the proposed Blue Zone fall outside a 400-metre radius from the clubhouse, and the northwestern corner falls outside an 800-metre radius. This is similar to the Blue Zone used in the 2010 RBC Canadian Open. Overall, the proposed Blue Zone design is based on various studies that indicate that motorists are typically not willing to walk more than 300-400 metres after parking their car to either a shuttle bus (at the parking lots) or to the tournament site.


Due to the early collection times above, there may be extra noise early in the morning. The City has been granted a bylaw exception to collect waste prior to 7 a.m. in order to accommodate this event. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. Please contact 311 for any questions or concerns.


For questions and further information, please email or call 1-800-571-6736.