Accessibility Services

The RBC Canadian Open is committed to providing a positive and user-friendly experience for all fans with disabilities and is pleased to provide the following services:

Accessibility viewing can be found at 16 Green (The Rink) and 18 Green as well as the Concert Series.  An accessibility ticket type is required for access to these spaces. 

Fan Services Tent

For those new to Golf, the RBC Canadian Open or simply want to know where to go and what to do, make sure to visit the Fan Services Tent just inside the golf course behind 16 green, next to 17 tee.  RBC Ambassadors can help you with any questions you may have.


The security office can be found at main Admissions.  Security staff and Toronto Police Services personnel can be found throughout the property.

First Aid

If you require medical assistance, First Aid tents can be found in three locations around the course.

Paramedics can also be found patrolling the golf course in First Aid golf carts.

Water Stations

FREE water bottle refilling stations can be found on both Front 9 at 6 green and the Back 9 at The RU Fare Way 

Lost and Found

If you’ve lost something, head over to the Fan Services Tent at main Admissions.

Family Care Centre

Need a break while enjoying the day with the family? Stop by the Family Care Centre at the RU Fare Way.  Take a break from the sun, use a changing station or a private feeding room, or give the Family a bathroom break using the washroom trailer. 

Complementary Wi-Fi

To enhance your experience on-site at the RBC Canadian Open, Golf Canada offers complimentary Wi-Fi at the following locations:

Simply click on Golf_Canada_Network_Leaderboard_BigBox and complete the log-in information on the landing page.



Levelwear is the official outfitter of the RBC Canadian Open, designing apparel and outfitting all staff and volunteers.  Visit the Merchandise Pavilion located at the RU Fare Way to see the official championship collection. The Levelwear Championship Merchandise Pavilion, covering 5,000 square feet, is located in the RU Fare Way. A satellite merchandise trailer is also located at 1 green. 

A variety of merchandise bearing the RBC Canadian Open Championship logos will be available for purchase, including caps, golf shirts, t-shirts, layering pieces, jackets, golf balls, ball markers, towels and much more. 

Acceptable forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa, debit cards and Mobile Payments.  Cash is not accepted

Hours of Operations


Fan concessions are the exclusive areas on property for fans to purchase food and beverage. They will operate from 7 a.m. until the conclusion of play. Concession locations can be found:

All food and beverage operations require contactless payment; no cash will be accepted. For the full menu of food and beverage offerings at each location, find a table – simply scan the QR code attached to your table using the camera on your phone, order and pay, and your order will be delivered to your seat. Each location will also offer walk-up orders.


Meteorology staff will be onsite monitoring weather conditions at all times. The RBC Canadian Open will communicate important safety information to fans through special alerts that will appear on all leader boards, video boards, CCTV and via push notifications. Please read all alerts and follow safety instructions. In general, an alert shown in BLUE or YELLOW is being posted for general awareness while ORANGE indicates that fans should be prepared to take action. An Alert shown in RED poses an imminent threat and will require immediate action as stated in the Alert.

Weather Advisory (Blue): A Weather Advisory will be posted to alert fans of specific weather conditions that will require certain precautions.

Weather Watch (Yellow): A Weather Watch may be posted to alert fans that dangerous weather is possible, and they should be prepared to take shelter or return to their vehicles.

Weather Warning (Orange): A Weather Warning may be posted to alert fans that dangerous weather is approaching and they should be prepared to take shelter or return to their vehicles.

Weather Warning (Red): A Weather Warning may be posted to alert fans that dangerous weather is imminent, and they should take immediate action to ensure their safety, including exiting all grandstands. A suspension of play for dangerous conditions will be indicated by one prolonged air-horn blast. In the event of a suspension of play, all structures including hospitality, grandstands and other spaces will be cleared immediately. If lightning is detected, please avoid open areas, hilltops, high places, isolated trees, golf carts and wire fences, and seek shelter immediately. Play will resume as soon as conditions allow

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